Recovery: Hydration & Shopping

After the Vendange & Yoga party, Saturday morning was not so great. However, it wasn’t anything coffee, Jersey Shore reruns, and cinnamon rolls couldn’t fix.

I’ve been on a serious hunt for a Nathan handheld recently. I’ve seen them before at both Runtex and Sports Authority, but both stores were out when I checked on Thursday. I also scoured the aisles of Academy and Target Friday night, but came up empty handed. Super frustrating considering I wanted it for today’s run.

Carly & I took a little trip to REI yesterday afternoon and I FINALLY found one! After REI, we hit Academy so Carly could invest in a Camelbak (Paula, you should be a spokesperson for Camelbak – you totally sold her on it!)


After Academy we went back to Target. Yes, again. In case you were wondering, Carly and I pay their electric bill. We keep their lights on.

First order of business: hydration


Black tea for me, passion tea lemonade for Carly. Shockingly enough, the Texas heat combined with the jug of wine we consumed Friday night was taking it’s toll on us. These teas really hit the spot!


A trip to Target where you only use one basket is a HUGE win. It doesn’t happen often, so relish the moment! Bottle of wine, veggies & parmesan cheese for pasta, Gatorade & Propel Zero mix,  and a few other miscellaneous items.

After we got home, I whipped up a batch of Gracie’s Cake Batter Blondies.



I used Funfetti rather than yellow cake mix, but followed the rest of the recipe as-is. These blondies are simple to make and incredibly delicious. And this isn’t the first appearance they’ve made on our blog!


The rest of the day was fairly uneventful: dinner, TV, and early to bed since we had a 4am wakeup call this morning.

Now we’re off to run 10 miles! It’s only 82 degrees and 82% humidity at 5am. Awesome.

How do you hydrate during a long run? How about during a race?

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  1. I can go into Target for toilet paper and end up spending $100 bucks. It’s a problem.

    I hydrate with good old H2O and some Gu (Expresso flavor is my fav) for my long runs. I have also wanted to try the Nathan handheld. Did it work out good for you?

  2. Yay for the Camelbak! I like that one too cuz it’s nice and small. How are you liking that water bottle? I have one too but it’s SO heavy to me I feel like I’m getting one huge muscular arm during my run.

  3. Oh, I keep my Target in business too and the Starbucks there too. I didn’t get to go this weekend and I am going through withdrawals. I seriously had a physical reaction to the Target sign we saw on the way to the airport today.

    I still struggle with hydration. Maybe I need to try a handheld.

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