The run that almost wasn’t

From past experience I know when a night out causes me to move my run from Saturday to Sunday, 9 times out of 10 I’ll skip the run on Sunday too. Call it stupid, call it lazy, call it what you will – but somehow it just always works out that way.

Last night we had a BBQ and obviously it wasn’t as light as the spinach salad with grilled chicken we had on Friday. There were burgers, hot dogs, french fries, and deviled eggs. When I woke up this morning (after sleeping through my alarm for 40 minutes) and wasn’t hungry at all, I knew these miles were going to be a struggle.

Carly and I headed out at 5:45 to Brushy Creek Trail. Neither of us were feeling the run, but held on to the ‘suck it up, cupcake’ mentality so we could power through it. Our mission was to get the miles in, and get home to the couch.


We had 5 miles on the schedule since it was a step back week. Thankfully it was only 5 because any more than that and I think we might have taken a nap on a park bench.



We kept the pace slow and walked when we needed. I’ve never seen water coolers set up at Brushy Creek before, so these were a welcomed surprise: IMG_0522


A fair amount of runners and cyclists were out this morning, all trying to get their miles in before the extreme heat set in.

About halfway through, we started paying more attention to the wildlife than keeping a decent pace. Rabbits and deer crossed the trail in front of us a few times.







It was at this point we realized we had no pictures of ourselves, so we improvised some “action” shots:



Clearly we were focused more on picture taking rather than the actual run.


The downfall to running this trail is that it’s mostly paved, with the exception of one loop. It’s a lot harder on your body. Carly’s tailbone and my shins (shocking) were not happy. We finished our last mile with one loop on the gravel trail, and called it a day at 5.33 miles.

It’s true what they say: you never regret a run.

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  1. That area looks gorgeous! Great job getting your run DONE!

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