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I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking lately, particularly about the upcoming fall months.

Back in March I booked a cruise to the Bahamas for the bf’s 30th birthday in September.

photos from our last cruise circa 2009

Then he lost his job, and started a new job in sales. The first month was awesome; he was making more money working 30 hour weeks than when he was working 65-80 hour weeks. Initially I planned on paying for the entire vacation, but as his income grew, he felt guilty letting me fund the trip. He decided we would use his first bonus to book our airfare. Unfortunately, he was one sale short in April of hitting the bonus. And then in May he hardly sold anything at all, and obviously did not hit his bonus.

I started to panic a little bit because as his income slowed, my savings started to disappear. The money I had planned on using for airfare, spending money, etc. was slowly being trickled out of my bank account to pay our bills. After going back and forth close to one thousand times, I finally cancelled the cruise last week. Arms crossed, stomping my feet, totally upset we had to abort mission.

Guess who hit his bonus this past weekend? of course, now that I cancelled!

Ah well. He’ll be coming with me to DC in October for Marine Corps, so it’ll sorta be like a vacation for us. Except I’ll be doing a lot of sleeping, running, and limping around for 50% of it. Seriously, I’m still trying to figure out how to pull this cruise off – I can just re-book it…

Speaking of running, I haven’t ran once since the 5 mile trail run. I talked about getting the spark back, and I also got something else back – pain in my shins that WILL.NOT.GO.AWAY. So I’ve been on yet another running break for the past week or so, just icing and resting. I get so bummed that I can’t reach my full potential with running & racing. It seems that whenever I get into a groove, the shins start to hurt and I scale back on my training. Then I have to start from ground zero again. No wonder I can’t run any faster – I can’t train consistently!

Then this thought pop into my mind: what if I end up not being able to run Marine Corps? Then all of the money I’d be putting into traveling to DC could have been used to take my boyfriend on vacation. What if I defer my entry until 2012? Then I further branched out: what if I ran Rock n Roll San Antonio as my first full? Or if I needed to take some more time off before starting to train – I could run the Austin Marathon as my first. Should I just jump ship on MCM altogether and choose one of those to save money? Wait – could I still go on this cruise?!

But then if I don’t run MCM, my family won’t be there for my first marathon. And the crowd support at San Antonio was less than stellar for the full last year – I’m going to need a lot of people screaming in my face to stay motivated. Austin crowds were better, but nowhere near MCM’s… And what about all the people I was looking forward to meeting in DC?

So I haven’t switched to a different marathon.

I didn’t defer my entry into Marine Corps to next year.

And I’m still not going on that damn cruise. ugh…

Norwegian deposited my refund into my bank account this morning. Thank you NCL, that was WAY faster than the 4-6 weeks you told me I’d receive it. And because I have zero self-control, I immediately turned around and logged in here.

Absolutely no self control. I have one last pair of shoes to test out before I say with 100% certainty that I absolutely MUST go to the ortho doctor and have custom orthotics made. That’s going to be an expensive trip…

Yep, Brooks Ariel. In all their geriatric glory. I ordered them from RRS because of their awesome 90-day return policy. If these beasts don’t work out, you won’t catch me wearing them to Body Pump or around the house – they are going straight back to the store. Brooks, please don’t let me down! You’ve already disappointed me with the lack of color choices for this shoe – really, one? And a boring one at that.

So I bought another freakin’ pair of running shoes. Is there a rehab I can check myself into? I’m willing to go voluntarily.

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  1. Um. I LOVE YOU with black hair. You rock that color. I have not seen these pics before!

    That sucks about the cruise. Maybe the cancellation was meant to happen and your A/C will go out and now you’ll have money to fix it. Wait. That’s me. And I didn’t have a cruise to cancel.

    Let us know how the Brooks go. Those were a little narrow for my feet when I tried them on (the brand, not that shoe) but then again, I have big ole goofy feet.

    • Thanks so much! Black was a 2 yr phase I went through right before leaving FL. Once I moved out here I began my journey back to blonde. I’m naturally dirty blonde, but I actually prefer the darker side – the maintenance is such a pain in the ass though. unfortunately black hair with blonde roots doesn’t look so hot.

      Sorry about your A/C!! 🙁 Hopefully you’ll be up & running again shortly!

  2. Melis: I LOVEEEEE your blong hair! or you could always go with red! 😉

    I think you definitely need to listen to your body, if your body isn’t ready– then defer!
    Have you tried Asics? You need to get fit for running shoes– check out Luke’s Locker! Awesome people there!

    Have you tried Arctic Ease wraps for your shins? Email me your address and i’ll send you one to try!

  3. Sorry about the cruise. That really does suck.

    I hope those shoes work. I know how frustrating a nagging issue can be.

    I think the MCM will be worth it in the end! Then maybe you can book a cruise to celebrate!

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