Café Tu Tu Tango

Carly and I dined at Cafe Tu Tu Tango back in October when we were in town for our first half marathon. The sangria and food were delicious, so it only made sense for us to make it our first stop Friday night.


We started off with a carafe of red sangria, which was fantastic.


We also immediately put in an order for these:


To die for (but really, isn’t anything with goat cheese to die for?)


Our next selection doesn’t have a picture, but here is the menu description:


There were two huge mushrooms, and the horseradish remoulade really made the dish for me. Definitely something to look into replicating at home.

Next up were Curry Chicken Skewers with a cucumber yogurt sauce and garlic flat bread. Didn’t quite get to take a picture before we devoured them.


Although they looked fairly small, we were pretty full from those three plates. We were planning on skipping dessert, until I read this tweet from Paula:


A dessert menu was immediately requested.


How could we say no?


HEAVEN! Thank you Paula!! I’m still dreaming about it…

And on top of the amazing food, the service was absolutely flawless. I cannot stress enough how awesome our bartender Peter was. If you’re in the Orlando area and happen to end up at Tu Tu Tango, tell Peter that “South Florida” & “Austin” say hello!

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  1. I just ate, but oh my goodness! That food looks phenomenal and I’m hungry again! If I head to Orlando anytime soon I’m going there.

  2. I love that you ordered that! That place is so amazing. Another favorite of mine is the bang bang shrimp. Plus, on Friday nights (I think) they have belly dancers and Bollywood dancers dancing around the tables. Definitely one of my favorite spots around town. 🙂

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