Third times the charm

I’ve been having a bout of unfortunate luck when it comes to wine lately. I’ve been straying from the usual suspects in an attempt to add some new gems to the rotation. Much to my dismay, two out of three weren’t up to par.

The first was Blufeld Riesling from Mosel, Germany:


I can’t really pinpoint exactly what turned me off from it, but I simply wasn’t a fan. The bottle was pretty to look at though.

Next up, a sauvignon blanc by Cupcake, as seen in an earlier post:



Yes, although it didn’t tickle my fancy, I did in fact finish the bottle. I don’t like to waste things, especially wine. That’s just alcohol abuse.

While I appreciated the grapefruit notes, ultimately it was too dry for me. This won’t be a repeat visitor in the wine rack.

This evening my boyfriend has a business meeting with two friends to discuss details of the company they are starting up. Read: excuse to grill up some steaks and throw back a few beers while possibly touching on future company issues.

I’ll be spending the evening sans my male counterpart, so clearly that means I have to grab a bottle of wine, right? Obviously.

Enter contestant number three, Mulderbosch Chenin Blanc:


Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Coming in at $13.99, this was an affordable white. Not too dry, not too sweet – just what I was looking for. (Mulderbosch also produces a fabulous sauvignon blanc, by the way.)

What’s in your wine glass as of late?

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  1. Wine party + house warmin party = a fabulous time to be had soon! I’m a huge lover of Riesling! I’m not much a fan of red wine, but i want to try more red’s soon!

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