Austin Marathon & Half Marathon Expo




After work today I headed to the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon Expo. My thought process was that most runners wouldn’t get into town until tomorrow, so today would draw a fairly small crowd.

My thoughts were incorrect.

The drive from my office to the Palmer Events Center is normally a 5 minute trip. Today it took me 25 minutes. The expo was packed already. After retrieving my race packet, messenger bag, and SPIBelt, I met up with Karissa from CardioFoodie and her husband.


We discussed how terrible the weather is going to be, how the non-wave start is sure to be a disaster, and how I probably should have just ran the full since the half is hilliest part of the whole race.

We separated shortly after and I was off to find Yurbuds.




I really like the coffee mug below, but I noticed the lettering was already scraped off a couple of them. A few spins through the dishwasher and I can imagine it wouldn’t end up looking as nice anymore. I opted not to buy it. Now if it was a wine glass, that would have been another story…



I almost signed up for Rock n Roll San Antonio, but after all of the other purchases I made today I decided against it. HOWEVER – I may go back tomorrow and register. You save $10 on the fee alone, plus you don’t have to pay Active processing fees – nearly a $20 savings. Or I could wait until Dallas, I’m sure I’d get the same deal there. Hmm…


Here’s the contents of the race packet, plus a few freebies from the vendor booths:


All runners also received this large messenger bag:


About a month ago I ordered a black long-sleeved tech training tee from the Austin Marathon website. Ironically, it finally arrived today:


And finally, the items that caused my bank account to take a hit today: Yurbuds, a Sweaty Band, Margarita Shot Bloks, and a 13.1 keychain.


Seriously, I was such a sucker today at that damn expo. It would probably be in my best interest not to go back tomorrow. But we’ll see.

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  1. Totally bought the margarita Cliff blocks and I ended up buying the mug (I collect coffee mugs like a 90 year old lady). I also totally just linked to your Expo recap instead of writing one myself. Good luck tomorrow! Kick those hills’ butt!

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