Up & At ‘Em

Brad works every Saturday. When his alarm goes off just before 5am, I usually wake up for a few minutes and then slip back into a deep sleep. But not this morning. I woke up at 4:30, fully rested and ready to get my day started. But it was 4:30. On a Saturday. My day off. Weird.

Rather than will myself back to sleep, I poured myself a giant cup of coffee and watched Sportscenter with my boyfriend. We discussed each of our possible fantasy moves we were considering for tomorrow’s games. He left for work, and I caught up on a few shows on my DVR. Now I’m planning out my day.

I have an easy six miler to knock out this morning. I contemplated hitting Town Lake to run it, but I have a considerable amount of driving around to do today so I’m going to head to the gym instead. And an added bonus? I can watch One Tree Hill on SoapNet while I run 🙂

We have a BBQ to go to tonight, so after the gym I’ll hit Target to grab a few ingredients for a pasta salad I’m bringing. Then after I throw the dish together, I’ll be off to Nordstrom Rack to use my gift certificate. I’m hoping I find a kickass pair of boots, but I’ll settle for a new pair of jeans and a top 😉

And THEN I have a cut + highlight hair appointment at 3. Based on experience, this should take about 3 1/2 hours. Then it’s time for the BBQ!

I have a busy day ahead of me, so I better hit the ground running. Literally.

Hope you have a great Saturday! What are your weekend plans?

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