2010 Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot Race Recap

This race was an interesting one.


1. The temperature at the start was 80 degrees and HUMID. What happened to the cold front & 38 degree morning we were supposed to get?!IMG_0477


2. I left my water bottle at home, and couldn’t find water to drink before the start. There were cases & cases of it behind the registration table and at a couple stands, but none for the runners/walkers. When I asked a volunteer for one of their bottles I was told “sorry honey, those are for the employees. They have some for the runners somewhere, but I have no idea where.” And with that, she turned her back to me. At this point, I had already done two laps around the place with no luck.


3. The start line was an absolute disaster. It cost extra to run the timed race, and us timed runners all had blue bibs. When it was time to line up at the start (in the Timed Runners corral), it was basically a free-for-all. We were surrounded on all sides by bibs which were not blue. I understand this is more of a mild race than a half marathon, but how does it make sense that the people who paid more have to bob and weave around the walkers and slower runners? If you want to save a few bucks, please at least line up where you are supposed to. It was pretty frustrating.



4. Let’s talk about the course, shall we? The map of where we were supposed to run was different than the course we actually ran. Apparently at one intersection, the runners were supposed to go left, but the APD motorcycle brigade brought them right instead. The pacer car had correctly gone left, but at this point the rest of the runners were just following the crowd – in the wrong direction. The result? The total mileage for the race came up at just over 4.5 miles.


We brought Bo along with us to the race. He a giant ball of energy, and he loves to run when he is surrounded by people. Unfortunately, the heat and humidity really got to him that morning. He (like a runner!) started off way too fast, and dragged us through our first mile in nine & a half minutes. After that though, his pace dropped considerably. Just after we hit the mile 2 marker, we were slowed to a walk. I didn’t mind it though because it was really hot and I couldn’t seem to rehydrate enough (that bottle of water pre-race probably would have helped…) to recover. We took a mini-break at every water stop so Bo could rehydrate also




Turkey legs!! 🙂




Our official chip time was 1:18:15. We were walking slowwww haha. Oh well, it’s a Thanksgiving tradition so I’m glad we all finished together 🙂 After we were done, Bo cooled off in the lake



Overall, we had a great time. I just hope the race next year is more organized!

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  1. This looked fun! I wanna do it next year if i’m not working or in Ballinger at my grandma’s B&B for Thanksgiving!

  2. I’m pretty jealous of the weather you guys got… my turkey trot was FREEZING!

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