Training Schedules

I have had “create marathon schedule” on my to-do list for several days now. Every time I sit down with all my information and sample plans, I start to get overwhelmed. It’s not the fact that I can’t draft a plan, it’s the fact that December & the first week of January are jam-packed. Here’s what I’m trying to plan around:

Dec 9-13: Carly makes a guest appearance in Austin for a few days with a mutual friend
Dec 21-27: Week-long trip to the Northeast to see my friends & family
Dec 30-Jan 8: Bf has friends in town from Cali who are staying w/us for the week

Can you see why things are so difficult? I had my heart set on filling December with speedwork & tempo runs & long runs galore. NOT happening.

Hopefully I will have the schedule through 2/20 (the Austin Half) completed either tomorrow or Wednesday. After that, I need to decide if I want to also do RnR Dallas (3/27) and/or … the RnR San Diego full marathon! Decisions, decisions…

Have you ever had commitments interfere with a training schedule? How did you work around it?

Stay tuned, the Thanksgiving menu post will be going up shortly. WordPress decided to delete it from my Drafts list, so I’ll have to retrieve it from Live Writer and publish it from there instead. Touchy touchy WP is…

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