Saturday = Shopping & Sports

Saturday I spent pretty much the entire morning submerged in One Tree Hill reruns on SoapNet. Don’t judge. I did a bit of online shopping at Victoria’s Secret. I’m a sucker for free gifts. I bought these pajamas, which came with free slippers:


And this wrap sweater, which came with a free scarf:


Then I realized I still had a few gift cards to Express, in addition to them having a sale on sweaters, AND a coupon. I would have preferred to continue shopping online because it meant I could spend more time in bed, but I knew I needed to try some things on. Off to the mall I went!

I chose a sweater, cardigan, scarf & tank top, in the colors shown below:



Bf came home from work around 6, and then we headed out to a hockey game. The Dallas Stars’ affiliate team Texas Stars play literally 3 minutes from our house, so we figured it would make for a fun night out. We started with a few beers at the house


And enjoyed a few beers at the game


Bf ordered a couple hotdogs, but I really am not a fan of them so I set out to find an alternate option. I decided on Monster Chicken Nachos, and the ‘Monster’ part of the name was no joke:


Pulled chicken, pico de gallo, jalapenos, black beans, and cheese. They were pretty delicious, which was surprising for sports arena food. I ate about half before I slipped into a food coma 🙂

Here’s a few photos from the rest of the evening, including an obligatory fight on the ice:





The weekend has been really good so far, and I have a full schedule planned for today:

– Laundry & cleaning
– Finish half/full Marathon schedules
– Make grocery list for Thanksgiving menu (menu to be revealed tomorrow!)
– Meal plan & cook for the week
– Watch football 😉

Happy Sunday everyone, savor the last day of the weekend!

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